What is a Life Coach?



A Life coach is a trained professional whose role is to help guide & support you to a greater sense of well being, health, and success; however you define it.  A Coach acts as a "Liason" or "Facilitator", in which the Client & Coach work together; it's a partnership focusing on attainable outcomes for the client.


It's an action oriented process focused on results. Life Coaching is focused on the present and future; not the past and past issues.


I guide Women & Young Girls/Teens during Transitions, while moving into the "Next stage of Life."

I serve as a Catalyst to faciltate Self-Respect and Self Esteem in Young girls/Teens.

The next stage of your life is essentially EVERY transition you will ever experience! I am sure you are relating to what I am sharing, i.e.


  • Friendship challenges
  • School/work pressures
  • Confusion about your future                            
  • A new job 
  • A move to a new home,
  • Beginning college
  • Challenges & Changes in Relationships


I am a firm believer that having a much greater quality of life in ALL areas is most often just a step beyond where you are now.


A greater position, better relationships, a healthier lifestyle, etc. are all within reach, but you have got to know you are worthy & deserving of all the goodness life has to offer.


I share many tools, tips, and modalities to help you transform and achieve the results you seek!


It is my intention to provide you with useful, helpful and transformative tips and guidance as you embark on a new beginning, or journey through a big or small transition (Although, I don't think any transitions are small!)


Reach out and we can determine when it's a good time to speak on the phone for a 15 minute "Wheel of Life Discovery Session!"


Live a Joyous Life,



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